Coaches & Listeners 

Our Next Coaches and Next Listeners are here for you.  We value confidentiality and trust above all else in our coaching/listening relationships. To connect with a listener or coach, simply view their calendar and choose a time that works best for you.


Mike Bearden | Lead Creator of Discovery and Head Coach

Founder, Thinker, Trust, Teacher, Leader

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Fernando Paiz | Next Listener

Bi-lingual, Author, Adventurer,

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Donna Smallwood | Next Listener

Helper, Encourager, Attentive, Caring, Compassionate

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This Could be YOU | Next Listener

Awesome, Supreme, You Need Me

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Andrew Bearden | Next Listener

Believer, Baseball, Patience, Humor, Law Enforcement

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Joel Torres | Next Listener & Next Coach

Believer, Evangelist, Actor, Abuelo, Light

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Zaundra Grant | Next Listener & Resource Partner

Christian, Entrepreneur, Passionate, Divorce Recovery Coach

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